Research projects in progress will be listed here, including a sneak preview of items and groupings which are not yet published. The memorabilia will be posted when the article about an individual’s time in service is completed. During a project, various sources are being consulted. Such as “individual deceased personnel files” (IDPF), “after action reports” (AAR), Morning reports, General Orders, enlisted records and reports of separation (WD AGO FORM 53-55), newspaper articles, correspondence, Internet, family members, etc. All the information collected from these sources, is then being transformed into a single story about an individuals time in service.


Latest update (October 25, 2014)

The following articles have been added to the website;

  • Herman W. Stuyvesant (#33274030)


Ongoing research projects

The following veterans are being researched;

  • Donald L. Marx (#36059272)
  • Henry Kope, Jr. (#36822084)
  • Joseph H. Santarlasci (#O-810573)
  • Earl L. Cox (#35383896)
  • John F. Wagner (#15098937)
  • Albert D. Hufford (#O-824633)

Doing research can be a time consuming process, so it might take some time before their articles are published.


Sneak preview