The U.S. Military Cemetery of Margraten, was once a battlefield graves registration burial ground. But now it’s the only permanent American cemetery of World War II in the Netherlands. At the main entrance of the cemetery are the two walls of the missing, on which are recorded the names of 1.722 servicemen who gave their lives in the service of their country, but who sleep in unknown graves. The burial area of the cemetery is divided in 16 plots, with 8.301 fallen heroes. The unit responsible for giving these servicemen their final resting place, was the 611th Quartermaster Graves Registration Company.

In February 1945 the idea developed to adopt graves of liberators at the American Cemetery in Margraten. For this the Civil Committee Margraten was set up with an aim to support the laying out of the burial ground with an extensive adoption program. The adopters were and are expected to regularly visit the adopted grave, lay flowers and, if appreciated, keep in touch with the relatives in America. The work of the Civil Committee Margraten was taken over in 2002 by “The Foundation for Adopting Graves” at the American Cemetery in Margraten.

With this website I hope to preserve the memory and sacrifice of all these servicemen who died for our freedom.


Adopted graves

  • Robert Kester (#33427472)
    April 20, 1924  –  September 17, 1944
  • Julian Bumpus (#34372256)
    December 19, 1922  –  October 1, 1944
  • William L. Outlaw (#17056425)
    August 14, 1915  –  October 29, 1944
  • Robert D. Schindler (#16088240)
    August 26, 1919  –  January 10, 1945
  • Frederick G. Bushee (#31114330)
    July 20, 1908  –  June 4, 1945


Staff Sergeant Robert D. Schindler

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Grouping: Staff Sergeant Robert D. Schindler (ASN: 16088240) Robert “Bob” Duane Schindler was born in Kalamazoo, Michigan on August 26, 1919. He attended the Harding School in Kalamazoo and had graduated from Central High School in 1938. His hobby was ball games, both football and baseball. In the fall of 1937, while a student in Central High School, he played right guard on the All Star Football team. Bob was also a good swimmer and he went deer hunting several … Read More