The collection consists of the memorabilia from 20 veterans who served in the ETO. Some stories about the time in service of these individuals, are not yet finished. More information about those projects, can be found under “ongoing projects”. Among the veterans were aerial gunners, a doctor, an OSS agent, auto mechanics, bombardiers, a navigator, fighter pilots, paratroopers, a railway engineer, rangers, a combat engineer and others.


Collection facts

  • The average age in 1945, was 27
  • The youngest veteran in 1945, was Private First Class Henry Kope, Jr., age 21
  • The oldest veteran in 1945, was Staff Sergeant Claude L. Romack, age 36
  • 7 veterans served in the Army Air Force, who flew missions over occupied Europe
  • 4 took part in Operation Overlord (June 6, 1944)
  • 3 were involved in Operation Dragoon (august 15, 1944)
  • 2 landed in Holland, during Operation Market Garden (September 17, 1944)
  • Technician Fourth Grade Charles M. Kish took part in most campaigns, receiving 8 campaign stars (confirmed)


Staff Sergeant Herman W. Stuyvesant

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Dress jacket: Staff Sergeant Herman W. Stuyvesant (ASN: #33274030) Herman W. “Herky” Stuyvesant was born in Greenville, Pennsylvania on September 21, 1921 a son of the late Raymond Clarence and Ona Mae (Knox) Stuyvesant. He was a graduate of the former Penn High School, which was the only high school for the Greenville area until 1958. He enlisted on July 24, 1942 in Erie, Pennsylvania. After his basic training, Herman went to Camp Butner in North Carolina. There he joined … Read More

Staff Sergeant Claude L. Romack

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Grouping: Staff Sergeant Claude L. Romack (ASN: 38103246) Claude Lincoln “Link” Romack was born on July 7, 1909. He enlisted on march 13, 1942, and was inducted at Fort Bliss in El Paso Texas. There he stayed in tents for 8 days, before being transferred to Camp Roberts in California, for basic training. This camp was the home of both the Infantry and Field Artillery Replacement Training Centers. During World War II, 436.000 Infantry and Field Artillery troops passed through … Read More

Technician Fourth Grade Charles M. Kish

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Grouping: Technician Fourth Grade Charles M. Kish (ASN: #33135334) Charles Michael Kish was born on June 11, 1914 in Bechtel, Pennsylvania. He enlisted on January 21, 1942. About 5 months later, Private Kish became an automotive mechanic and joined the Service Company of the 16th Infantry Regiment. The Regiment departed from the New York Port of Embarkation on August 1, 1942 and arrived in Scotland on August 7. Once in the European Theater of Operations, Charlie took part in all 8 … Read More

Sergeant Rodney R. Eaton

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Grouping: Sergeant Rodney R. Eaton (ASN: #20746085) Sergeant Rodney Richard Eaton was born on December 5, 1917 in Harrison County, Missouri. Rodney enlisted in the army on November 25, 1940, over a year before the attack on Pearl Harbor. He later served as auto mechanic in the Service Battery of the 231st Armored Field Artillery Battalion, of the 6th Armored Division. The 231st Armored Field Artillery Battalion was activated on September 15, 1942 at Camp Chaffee, Arkansas. The unit departed … Read More

Master Sergeant Kenneth A. Trayes

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Grouping: Master Sergeant Kenneth A. Trayes (ASN: 31112180) Kenneth Asa Trayes was born in New Hampshire on October 25, 1918. He graduated from the East Providence High School in Rhode Island. Kenneth started working for a large textile print works and after that he became a draftsman with an engineering firm. While being a draftsman he started taking some correspondence and night school courses. On march 30, 1942 he joined the Army and was assigned to the Corps of Engineers. … Read More

Staff Sergeant Robert D. Schindler

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Grouping: Staff Sergeant Robert D. Schindler (ASN: 16088240) Robert “Bob” Duane Schindler was born in Kalamazoo, Michigan on August 26, 1919. He attended the Harding School in Kalamazoo and had graduated from Central High School in 1938. His hobby was ball games, both football and baseball. In the fall of 1937, while a student in Central High School, he played right guard on the All Star Football team. Bob was also a good swimmer and he went deer hunting several … Read More

Technical Sergeant John J. Murray

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Dress jacket: Technical Sergeant John J. Murray (ASN: 32252324) Technical Sergeant John “Jack” Murray was a Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress combat gunner/togglier in World War II. He served in the 547th Bombardment Squadron (384th Bombardment Group (Heavy), 8th Army Air Force) flying out of Grafton-Underwood bomber base in England. He voluntarily flew two combat tours for a total of 65 missions! His first mission was in July 1943, which was at a time that bomber losses were so high that … Read More

Lieutenant Commander Clarence R. Gilman

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M-1 Helmet: Lieutenant Commander Clarence R. Gilman (ASN: 267002) Clarence (Charlie) Reginald Gilman was born on April 9, 1921 in Bingham, Maine. He went to the local schools, High school and the University of Maine, Class of 1943, where he majored in Forestry. Then in April 1943 Charlie enlisted in the U.S. Navy and became an Officer. When he completed training at the Naval Mine Warfare school in Virginia, Charlie went to Europe where he was assigned to the Escort … Read More

Captain Karl E. Gardner

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M-1 Helmet: Captain Karl E. Gardner (ASN: O-517410) Karl Edrick Gardner was born on February 11, 1913 in Cook County, Illinois. He received his Bachelor of Science degree (B.S.) with highest honors from Purdue University in 1936. Followed by his Master of Science (M.S.) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degrees from Cornell University. He joined the Army in April 1943 and was a doctor who specialized in nutrition. He was assigned as a sanitary officer to the 7th Medical Laboratory. Within that … Read More

Staff Sergeant David O. Anthony

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Grouping: Staff Sergeant David O. Anthony (ASN: 36682781) David Orlando Anthony was born on December 25, 1917 in Peoria, Illinois. Before entering the service David Anthony was a machinist at the Peoria & Pekin Union railway roundhouse. Afterwards he was employed at the Rock Island arsenal, which has been an active manufacturer of military equipment and ordnance since the 1880s. Nowadays it is the largest government-owned weapons manufacturing arsenal in the United States.[1] In the early days of WWII, the … Read More

First Sergeant Stephen A. Martosko

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Grouping: First Sergeant Stephen A. Martosko (ASN: 35010563) Stephen Andrew Martosko was born on January 8, 1916 in Cleveland, Ohio. At the age of 25 (on February 27, 1941) he went to the Cleveland recruiting & induction station, and was accepted for active military service. He was then forwarded to the Reception Center, Fort Benjamin Harrison, Indiana. A Reception Center is an installation for the reception of new personnel, including completion of all necessary records, issue of individual equipment, classification … Read More

Captain McCord Sollenberger

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Grouping: Captain McCord Sollenberger (ASN: 01031210) McCord Sollenberger joined the Army on May 25, 1942 at the age of 31. He started in the Cavalry as a private, and in September 1942 he got promoted to Corporal and joined the Officers Candidate School. He took general courses in officer qualification, tactics, and techniques for employment in the cavalry. Mac graduated on December 9, 1942 and got promoted to 2nd Lieutenant. His first assignment was as a unit Officer in the … Read More